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Exterior Painter? Or Exterior Painter.

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Who would you hire? The reality is anyone can claim to be a painter. In fact, there are national franchises available which actually enable a person to go from working at a gas station to starting a painting business over night! Besides those, there are also countless new painting companies within the Minneapolis & St. Paul area and many of them are camouflaged with elaborate marketing which is really designed to hide their one biggest downfall; their lack of experience.

Over 25 years ago, Jeff Reiland built Cityscape Painting by painting the exteriors of homes. He did not get his work by providing home owners with lavish brochures or complex Power Point presentations.

Today, our approach to our exterior business is exactly the same as it was 25 years ago. Jeff Reiland and his team are still meeting with new and repeat customers on a daily basis.

Our thorough process when repainting your exterior will typically be as follows:

Thorough Power Wash:

This is the most important step and probably the most over looked. A good power wash completely removes any loose materials or wood fibers from the surface to insure the coating we apply adheres to the best possible substrate. Our power wash foreman has over 15 years of experience exclusively washing homes for us. We own all of our equipment, including professional grade power washers and only use 3000 psi (or greater) power washers when preparing your home. Unlike many other painters, our wash team uses lifts and extension ladders to reach and thoroughly wash every area of your home, no matter how high. If you choose a contractor without this type of experience, you risk having your paint prematurely fail, or worse, you risk permanent damage to your siding.

Scrape & Sand:

We always follow up our power washing by scraping and sanding any loose or rough spots. Some homes require a minimal amount of this while others require more extensive work. Either way, it is a critical part of our preparation process.


Whether your home is being spot primed or full primed we always select the best primer for your homes particular needs. Most often, we use Peel Stop from Zinsser or Peel Bond from XIM. These primers are specifically designed to help lock down the edges of your old paint and help prevent it from peeling in the future.

Finish Coat:

There are painters out there that will tell you their old fashioned "brush & roll" application is superior. Others will tell you, spraying the paint on will give you the best finish. The fact is, our process which is a combination of BOTH methods, is best. Applying paint or stain with a sprayer will result in up to 50% MORE paint on your home. Then, finishing the paint by brushing & rolling it will insure an even film, which is worked into the surface.

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We have been providing our customers with a 5 year warranty on most of our exterior jobs for over 15 years! For added piece of mind, our warranty is backed by Sherwin Williams & Hirshfields. There aren't many other painting companies who actually offer this same assurance. The few that do, don't offer our factory backed assurance and they haven’t been doing so as long as us.

BATC Builders Association of the Twin Cities

MHA Minnesota Multi Housing Association

NARI National Association of the Remodeling Industry, MN Chapter

BBB Better Business Bureau