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Garage Floors

At Cityscape Painting, we take the installation of our garage floor finishes very seriously. We pride ourselves in never having had a failure with a floor we’ve installed. Having seen many other products and processes being sold in the market, we are confident our product is the best available and is why we back our floors with a 5 year adhesion warranty! The products we use are manufactured and backed by Sherwin Williams. We do not use "homemade" or private labeled products and would caution you in using anyone who does!

We use commercial grade epoxy and urethane finishes, which have years of proven reliability. Be cautious of companies offering hyper-fast drying options such as polyurea finishes. The only advantage to these coatings is speed, which mostly benefits the applicator, not the consumer. Once cured, there is little difference in durability between epoxy and polyurea. The critical difference is that epoxy cures at a much slower rate which allows proper penetration into the concrete for adhesion, while polyurea cures much quicker and does not properly wet the concrete.

Our Process Includes:

  • Free use of a 20’ enclosed trailer to store garage items, if needed.
  • Thorough mechanical grinding to achieve the perfect profile. We spend on average a day or more on this step alone! This is the most critical step in the entire process. While others companies offer entire floors from start to finish in just 1 day, you have to wonder how much time are they actually spending on this critical process?
  • Application of epoxy. Depending on the desired look, our first coat and second coats will typically be a colored UV stable epoxy. This means it will not yellow or change color with time.
  • Application of color flakes as desired.
  • Application of clear urethane finish.

Garage Finish Options

Garage Finish Options

Garage Finish Options

Garage Finish Options

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